Ebook + Audiobook included

"Go Million"

The Spiritual Book on How to be Fully Happy & Rich

by Daniel Eder "Spiritual Teacher & Healer"

"Go Million will help you find your lifes purpose and let your intuition lead you there"
After +400 profound sessions healing traumas, karma & deep emotional release,
i now put years of spiritual knowledge into a deeply transformative book
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"The best book on life transformation you will ever buy"

"The time to work a regular job is over. Provide for your family with the most flexibility, be it travelling or staying at home"

In this book you will learn:
* how to heal your body
* how to find your life's purpose
* how to earn 1 million dollars or more independently
* how to be happy no matter what happens
* how to get & live the perfect relationship
* how to activate & use your intuition
* escape the karmic & emotional prison of past traumas and family issues

"Connect higher consciousness with your material plane through the prism singularity. The spiritual key."

Would you like to travel and earn money while traveling?
Would you like to stay at home and work successfully from home?
Then this book is for you

There are more and more opportunities then ever to enter a new kind
of lifestyle. I will show you how to create this new lifestyle
You don't need any previous knowledge.
I will show you the spiritual fundamentals to deeply transform your life

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Book + Audiobooks + Videos:

English ($9.98)
(free audio book included)
Deutsch (8.99 EURO)
(kostenloses Hörbuch dabei)
Espanol ($9.98)
(audiolibro gratis incluido)
Audiobooks only:

"Go Million" English Audiobook only (4.98 USD)
"Go Million" Deutsch nur das Hörbuch (4.48 Euro)
"Go Million" Cesky Audio Kniha (130 CZK)
"Go Million" Italiano audiolibro (4.98 Euro)
"Go Million" Francais livre audio (4.98 Euro)
"Go Million" Espanol Audiolibro (4.98 USD)

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"Go Million is the best book you will ever buy.
The best investment in your happiness and wellbeing"